Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend news

Okai...First of let me tell you that as we had planned we had a party and the guys cooked for us ladies[on 3/29].One of the dishes was a Biriyani which is a spicy,delicious,really yummy meal with rice and chicken. {Though any meat can be used, they preferred chicken as we all are big time chicken fans}.Then there was this dessert with carrot named carrot halwa from Sj.Both and the other dishes turned out to be really great and we had a great time eating.Baby Neha had her first haor cut yesterday and we went to see her after that in the evening.She has such teeny,weeny short hair now...about 1/10th of what she had.But she still looks as sweet and adorable as before.Another news is that, Spring has kind of started peeping out here a lot more than last week.There are lots of birds singing outside.Though it rained yesterday evening and most of today, we still had considerable mercury levels to play tennis.Sj plays good and im a beginner.Sj is my trainer and he doesn't have much patience on teaching and still managed to play help me learn for almost more than an hour.He even ot me a new racquet to practice.I want to go today too, but not sure as its still cloudy outside.It was thunder and lightning in the morning.


sissy said...

tennis is just not for me. i tried but am so horrible no matter how long i practice. i am more of a basketball girl. love it. spring started early here. we had flowers blooming in january. winters just aren't very brutal here.

jAMiE said...

sounds like you had a fun time...great!

we have a lot of birds chirping here these days too..a sure sign of spring isn't it.