Friday, March 28, 2008

1. Some relationships are meant to be forgotten even if we dont want to.
2. Britney's is the last concert I saw; it was a dream.
3. Spring should be the best time to see and hear birds.
4. Oh no! I forgot that i have to finish reading the novel by tomorrow!
5. I've recently started an Indian dance class.
6. Flowers and kids never fail to make me smile.
7.And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a short drive with Sj, tomorrow my plans include an interesting get together when all the men in the group have planned to cook for the ladies and Sunday, I want to take a brunch at the nearby restaurant which im planning since weeks and couldn't go since im pathetic in waking up early!


teabird said...

Oh, your #1 is excellent. Very true indeed.
Thanks for visiting!

JennieBoo said...

Guys cooking for the ladies? Sounds awesome!

Amimals make me smile, too. I love your Boston Terrier, btw!

Have a happy, fun weekend!

April said...

Sounds as though you are in for a great weekend! Enjoy - the men cookin gfor the women sounds awesome,lol!! I also thought your answer for #1 is oh so true!

sissy said...

yup...i totally get #1. love flowers, natures little fireworks. and i really love, love when the men do the cooking! it doesn't get much better than that. well, not having to do the clean up would be even nicer still. btw, getting up early stinks!!

bindhiya said...

You done great!
I love flowers and babies too..
guys cooking? sounds good! you think taste good too? let us know....
thanks for your visit.


Frances D said...

Thanks for taking the time to visit.
What a lovely site you have.

Ananya said...

#5 you teach dance or u started to take lessons? Looks like both of us love birds....i wrote just about the same thing in my #3and #6! :)How nice when you can sit down and gossip while the men sweat it out in the kitchen! I suggest that you gilrs should try dancing with the volumes in high decibels!lol...

jAMiE said...

i enjoyed your list...i hope you have a lovely weekend.

Janet said...

Oh, your weekend sounds great! Hope you had lots of fun; thanks for playing :-)