Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Learners and License

I dont have driving license....Shocked??? yeah...i really dont.Not even back in my country.It really isn't much of a necessity back in my country.More than 80% of the female population dont drive.Come on atleast 25 years back 60% of them were hardly educated,got married at 15 and all they do was to be a home maker looking after their husband and 10-14, now that doesn't mean we have a weak female population.Things are really changing and women exeeds men in many fields now a days.Trust me,im really proud to be from my country too.But driving is optional in my country.There are lots and lots of inexpensive public transport.But i really had plans to take a license there.But once i knew i was coming to US i decided i would get it after coming here as we drive on the left side of the road back in my country and the steeirng is on the right side of the car.So i didn't want to be confused once i come here.So i am planning to take my learners this week or by next week for sure.I am on a dependent visa and dont have a SSN like my husband and all of you.So i need to get a letter from the SSN office before i take the learners and have to give the test in another city.I was going through the rules book today.It doesn't seem to be very difficult.In case you have any tips for me regarding the preparation, i would be happy to hear them...


sissy said...

no license?? welcome to freedom!! I love driving. Really love it. BTW, what country are you from? And are you glad you're here? Anyway, I don't know what the driver's books are like where you're at, but here in Cal. if you read everything in bold print you pretty much have it made. So, I'll be wishing you luck. I'm sure you're gonna have no problem whatsoever. Let me know!!!

No Nonsense Girl said...

I don't have one either. I use public transportation for pleasure and work. :)

I'll get it one day!

PS: Where are you from?