Saturday, November 26, 2016

Last night I died, my soul cried 
Can I be Jesus and reincarnate? 
My men need me, the young and the old.
Many have tried to kill me, 
They impaired my brain, 
My rugged soul stayed intact.
Last night, my soul quivered,
The threat of my one man being no man
You can do what they couldn't 
Blemish my skin, soul and gray matter.

My love, Just look around me,
I'm in a black hole, I have no escape 
My hands are free, but no anchor can save me
My voice is loud, but no ears can hear me 
I see you, bright and vivid... 
I see your stretched hand, I see your antsy eyes 
But you cannot hear me, you cannot see me
Your eyes seek me, your loved ones seek u
I fear I will pull you down,
Into my black hole, a dearth of no return.
Yet my heart yearns,
Find me, oh my love, please find me
Hold my hand
Careless my hair
Forgive my fretful cribbing
And preserve me in your warmth
I will cry, I will whine, I will bicker
Hold me tight and not let me go 
Or I will die, my soul will wither. 


Anonymous said...

Your poems are strong, strong but portrays feelings for a loved one, don't know could be circumstances....but can feel them

non compos mentis said...

I had not seen this comment because I rarely visit my blog these days. Better late than never. Thank you for the comment.

Choo Say said...
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Anonymous said...

I made the first comment. i come back to this blog now and then again to see if there is anything new...I can so much relate to your writing, to the last one of the cards, if it was my life i would have added..three and four and your words. You certainly have a skill of writing, some of us are just not expressive..

non compos mentis said...

Thanks for coming back.. Not really keeping up with my writing and I regret it. There are a couple that I have posted in other places, will post them here so that you can read if you are ever back. :)
Thank you again for the kind words.