Friday, February 29, 2008


Okai... For all of you thinking what the 1at photo is and what it has got to do with the theme party, here is the explanation....

This is a house boat in India.I once oranised my birthday party in it for a whole day and it was lots of fun with delicious food,drinks and the backwaters all around.Its exquisitely beautiful and its amazing to party inside this.It is a 3 bed room house boat with a large spacious hall where we danced the whole night..... The comely backwaters lovingly beckoned me to explore nature in all her prestine purity.The experience unraveled the mystic rustic beauty of our nature.It was one of the greatest experinces of my life celebrating my Birthday in the houseboat, watching the sunset and the lust green paddy fields,tiny hamlets and singing waves.

It was a great experience and would love to do it again!!!!!!I miss that day so much...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

1. I'm looking forward to particularly nothing next week.[sounds boring]
2. I don't handle emotions and vehicles very well.[what a contrast]
3. Chicken is something I could eat every day.[I would suggest u to try butter chicken at any Indian restaurant..U might love it]
4. Warmth and sunlight are just like our spouses [:)].[they can be both soothing and irritating at he same time...!!! :D]
5. Sj here I come![its 11.30pm & he has been calling me since some time to sleep...lolz...]
6. I love small butterfly and angel tattoo(s). [love them,but don have the nerve to have one for myself n i don appreciate poeple with tattos all over their body.]
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to visiting the library and cooking some fish, tomorrow my plans include trying out the Vietnamese cuisine in downtown and Sunday, I want to clean the house!

PS: On #4, If you dont have a spouse,i give you the legal rights to change it to Boyfriend/girlfriend.

Thursday Thirteens! # 3

Last week i had written about 13 things i want to change in me.That would have left some "not very inpressive" impressions about me in you.So with the intension of defending myself, I am posting 13 things i like about myself....

"I do swear by Almighty God, the Searcher of all hearts, that everything I give this blog in this TT#3 issue shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and as you shall answer to God on the last great day."

1)I am a loving and caring person.
2)I value and cherish all my friendships.
3)I am very sincere in all my relations and words.
4)I love children
5)I am quite responsible.
6)In an argument, i think from the other person's view too.[I didn't have this quality before.I used to argue like hell.But this is one quality Im really proud of possessing].
7)I believe in "give respect and take respect".
8)I am very religious.
9)I am a dreamer.All might not come true, but they say "Aim the stars to reach the top f a tree"
10)I have good communicayion skills.
11)I am very compromising and adjusting.
12)I am quite a good cook.
13)I try to help many poeple who are less blessed by god than me financially or physically

PS: #13 wasn't to be mentioned.But i thought if any of you would get inspired to give a helping and to the one needed, it would be good.Those who cannot afford can atleast remember them in your prayers...

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Feeling blue!!!

Its 12.45 in the night and im feeling slightly blue,morbid and morose... don ask me y.I am not very sure.As they say "an idle mind is a devil's worshop"..i wana get a job.Its not an encouraging factor that after 5 years of my colleage i am not working now.Blame it on my visa.but im not sure if a job is the reason for my mood now.May be its the winter...or may be its high time i get some sleep.This isn't really the time to blog especially when i have to wake up early tomorrow.Good night all.i hope to feel better in the morning.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Highlights of last week

First of all "thank you" all for wishing me on my B'day.I was quite busy for a few days, so couldn't update.As you all had wished me, i had a great B'day.On 22nd Sj did come back from office with u bunch of roses and a cake.That was a complete surprise and i was so happy.He had even invited all our close friends for a dinner.We wen to "Old Chicago" and had a great time there and the food was yummy too.After dinner we all came back to our apartemnt and evveryone was here till 2am.On saturday evening we again had a get together at a friends place.So the weekend was lots of fun apart from Sj's severe head ache on Sunday afternoon.It was so bad that he had to misss office on monday.i was worried.But Thank God, he was alrght by monday evening.We again had a party last night since a friend is moving to Zeatin with his family.This time it was at Jalappinos.I had Polo Yacoto ...eerrr...Yacato...hmmm...yeah...something like that....Anyway it was delicious.I usually never prefer Mexican.But i loved it yesterday and would surely go there to have this again.

Friday, February 22, 2008

My Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics
Yippppeeee!!!I am the birthday girl now.Its 12am feb 22nd and i have got one more year older.Sj is sleeping.I didn't feel sleepy, so just got up and decided to post something.All i could think of was to write about my Birthday...I always liked birthdays.I really miss my birthday celebrations when i was in college.It was so much fun.By 12 in the night all the friends would come to my room with the cake and surprise gifts.Then there would be all my far away friends and relatives calling me.But since im so away from my country nobody has called me yet.A few have messaged me or scraped me in orkut.Im getting a nostalgic feeling now.I wish i was in my college hostel this moment cutting my B'day cake.I used to make a bithday wish before cutting the cake then.Thats something interesting to do.All of a sudden u feel ur wish is gona come true cuz itz ur "Birthday Wish"!Not all of them have come true though.But even this year if Sj gets me a surprise cake tomorrow i'l make a wish before cutting it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

1.Visiting new places, forgetting all other worries of life is the best thing about traveling.

2. I love a good cozy blanket and a cup of coffee when I'm cold.

3. I often use blogspot to read a lot of beautifully written blogs.

4. I'm reading nothing right now; I regret it. [I would get a few books from the library this week end.]

5.My heart break:( is something I dislike talking about.

6. When I visited Thailand I most looked forward to seeing Pattaya Islands and Alkazar show.2things i would reccoment everyone must see atleast once

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a few calls from my friends to wish me for my birthday by 12 tonight, tomorrow my plans include a trip to St.Louis t see the arch if the weather permits and Sunday, I want to have brekafast from a nearby restaurant!(i love it there.But every weekend by the time i wake up in the morning, it would be closed.Hope to make it this time.

Thursday Thirteens!

Somehow i cant access the TT13 page ti get the code... so im just posting it this way...

Thirteen things i dont like about myself!!!

This is easy Cuz there are many things which i wana change about myself....

1)Im very sensive and Im lazy.
2)Im very short tempered.
3)I trust people very soon.[this has put me in a lota trouble and broken hearts many times].
4)Im lazy.
5)I tend to be too attached to all my friends not just my best friends.[later realize that they r not that attached to me as im to them.]
6)I hate to wake up early in the morning and i am lazy.
7)Im an extrovert.
8)I talk very loud.Sometimes my own ear screams at me for ths.... :( So think about others.
9)I talk very rude to my mum sometimes.I hate to do this, but still i end up doing it.Really wana stop doing that. and im lazy
10)Im not very punctual and Sj is very puctual.I wait till the last moment to get ready if we have to go out somewhere.
11)Im careless.[I buy worng sized clothes sometimes even after trying it out. and yeah im lazy.
12)I hate to do my laundry.Do it only when i wouldn't be left with a choice or when Sj is busy and he wouldn't be able to do it.
13)I think a lot about the bad experiences and mistakes of my past life. HEY!!! Did i mention "IM LAZY"!?!?!?

PS : The list of things like about myself are more than this.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"More Dreams"

DO you dream of someone or something chasing you and u r stuck or that u r giving the exam and you cant answer a a damn question.If you do,U r not alone in this.... well, these are some of the common dreams we get.These have actually nothing to do with our exams neither r we being chased by anyone in our real life.Here are the interpretations of both the dreams.I saw it online and thought i would share it with you all who would get these kinda dreams.....

It is believed that if we understand our dreams ,its more of understnding ourselves and would help us solve our own day to day dilemmas to some extend.Some poeple including me get recurring nightmares and dreams.This would be something our sub-conscious mind wants us to understand where in our anger or love takes the form of a chaser.Sometimes we see our friends as celebrities.This usually means that we are getting insecure about our relation with them. To me dreams make a fascinationg world.I try to read and understand dreams better and would use them to improvise my own personality and life.
The images in our dreams always contain hidden meaning which goes far beyond the outer appearance. The language of dreams is symbolic and are not to be taken literally.The significance of dreams is personal and dependent on your own personal experiences. However, there are many universal symbols.

Dreaming that we are dead is considered bad by many of us.But the truth is, its only the stress and tensions in our day to day life which causes auch dreams.Infact it is even a sign of self-renewal.So dont get scared when u see yourself dead in your dream.Just understand that its time for a change in life.

"I'm Being Chased"
Chase dreams often stem from feelings of anxiety in your walking life. The way we respond to anxiety and pressure in real life is typically manifested as a chase dream. Running is an instinctive response to physical threats in our environment. Often in these dream scenarios, you are being pursued by some attacker, who wants to hurt or possibly kill you. You are running away, hiding, or trying to outwit your pursuer. Chase dreams may represent your way of coping with fears, stress or various situations in your waking life. Instead of confronting the situation, you are running away and avoiding it.?Ask yourself who is the one chasing you and you may gain some understanding and insight on the source of your fears and pressure.The pursuer or attacker who is chasing you in your dream may also represent a part of yourself. Your own feelings of anger, jealousy, fear, and possibly love, can assume the appearance of threatening figure. You may be projecting these feelings onto the unknown chaser. Next time you have a chase dream, turn around and confront your pursuer. Ask them why they are chasing you.?One may be consumed by their own anger, jealousy, love, or self-destructive behavior. For example, you may be drinking too much or exhibiting open hostility toward others around you. You may subconsciously be threatened by these actions which have been jeopardizing your relationships and/or career. Your dreams are a way of calling attention to these self-destructive actions.A more direct analysis of chase dreams is the fear of being attacked. Such dreams are more common among women than men, who may feel physically vulnerable in the urban environment. These dreams are inspired by fears of violence and sexual assault in which we are so over-exposed from the media. The violence that the media portrays magnifies our fears and how at risk we all are.?

"I Failed The Test"
To dream that you are taking an exam, indicates that you are being put to the test or being scrutinized in some way.?Such dreams highlight your feelings of being anxious and agitated. You may find that you cannot answer any of the questions on the test or that the test is in some foreign language. Is time running out and you find that you can not complete the exam in the allowed time? Or are you late to the exam? Does your pencil keep breaking during the exam? Such factors contribute to you failing this test. These dreams usually have to do with your self-esteem and confidence or your lack of. You are worried that you are not making the grade and measuring up to other people's expectations of you. You may also experience the fear of not being accepted, not being prepared, or not being good enough. You feel nervous, insecure and tend to believe the worst about yourself.These dreams also suggest that you may feel unprepared for a challenge. Rarely, are these dreams about the content of the test, but rather the process and how you are feeling during the exam taking process. Generally, you feel distressed and frustrated. These feelings may parallel how you are feeling in a particular challenge or situation in your waking like.Dreams of this nature are also an indication that you are being judged and this dream is a signal for you to examine an aspect of yourself that you may have been neglecting and need to pay attention to. You may harbor some guilt because of your neglect in preparation for a school exam, meeting, business project, or some challenge. Most of the time, though, people who have such dreams are unlikely to fail a test in real life. This dream goes back to their fear and own anxiety that they may not meet other's standards of them. They are afraid to let others down.?

You can elucidate more of your dreams here

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I was thinking about dreams.Not our desires or wishes.Real dreams we get at nights.Dont we all dream when we sleep.My dreams are like a movie.I can explain them scene by scene with a detailed script when im awake.Some people say they dont.Sj says he doesn't dream at all.But i have read it somewhere that everyone dream and people who claim that they dont dream actually forget their dreams.I think i'l try to learn more about dreams.Some nights i get really wierd dreams and sometimes even wake up in the middle of the night.Then I feel really relieved to see Sj near me and then mostly sleep peacefully.Its scary and horrifying dreams sometimes.But there are times when i get the best of the dreams where i fulfill most of my aspirations and desires.They make me feel really good.Atleast for some time, i live like how i want to be.But somehow i cant believe dreams always shadow our sub-conscious mnd as i have heard them say.Sometimes i dream of things i cant imagine in my wildest thoughts.Those make me feel strange.They make me feel if i really think that way somewhere inside me.But mostly im sure, i dont.A good dream really makes my day.I get up really happy the next day with only the disapponiment that it wasn't really happening.A bad dream or nightmare mostly haunts me before i forget it completely.I have dreamt of people running after me with knives and being chased by wild animals or snakes...eerrrr....Last night it was completely about my school.Something like being scolded by my teacher for not completing the notes she had asked me to do.Teachers can be scary sometmes.If not in real life, atleast in dreams....
They say i can interpret my dream .I am checking it out.Will let you all know what i found out.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday,Quick update

hi all.This is a quich update from Chicago.My dad had arranged a party for us since he couldn't attend our anniversaty part.It was held at a friend's place.The whole party was a lot of fun except when our car suffered a flat tyre on our way back.So we had to stay at his friend'a place.Now everything is fixed and we would go back to our place by 7 tonight.Itz a 3 hours journey.So all of you please wish us a safe journey.Hope u all had a great week end.

Friday, February 15, 2008

1. Snowdrops are so beautiful that it makes anything it is on beautiful too.
2. I'm going to try draping a sari all by myself tomorrow.
3."For all of my life,i'l love you faithfully,MYMP" is a song whose lyrics have meaning to me.
4. Just one sip and Bring Out Your Dead are both books by the author Katie MacAlister.
5.Anywhere with my family is where I'm happiest.
6. I believe that sleep,no doubt :) is a necessary part of life.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having a peaceful dinner at home with Sj, tomorrow my plans include attending a party at Chicago thrown by my dad and Sunday, I want to sleep till its really late in the morning!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ponderous Omelette!

It would be strange for me to write this after today's Thursday Thirteen (which is completely true inspite of this one blog).But i found this so funny that i had to mention it here.Today morning my husband denied carrying a triple omelette for lunch to office for he felt it would be too inconveniet and heavy.I got really irritated cuz he told me this quite rudely.HELLO!Its an omelette, not a hen that i asked u to carry.Anyway on second thought he knew that didn't make any sense and took it with him.But i knew he was really pissed with some crap in office and this was just an exhibition of his frustration.So i was peaceful, though i had lost my temper initially. Moreover he called me from office and accepted his mistake.So that completely called off my anger .I really find it funny (irritating sometimes) how guys behave sometimes when they are pissed.And yeah,finally all the irritation and frustration ends up on one person -his wife.I am thinking what would have all these guys done if god hadn't made women.Suppose they all reproduced by some asexual vegetative reproduction like amoeba where men released men and more men.Ooooppppsss!!! Thats a very wild imagination.BUT THEN, what would they really have done without us women!!!???

Thursday Thirteens!

Thirteen Things I love in my spouse

1.He pampers me a lot.

2.He is more like my best friend than a husband

3.He loves me a lot and makes me realize it too.

4.He makes tea for me on weekends.

5.He helps me with the cooking when there is a party.

6.He understands when i say my displeasure with something or someone.

7.He respects my feelings and opinions on everything.

8.He is a safe driver.

9.He is very romantic.

10.He remembers my birthday and our wedding anniversary.

11.He has a great sense of humour.

12.He gives me my freedom as an individual.

13.He says "SORRY" if he is wrong.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wedding Vows

I have been thinking of writing about marriages since some time.Now after reading this, i thought i would go for it now..I come from a different country and had an arranged marriage(My parents chose the guy to whom i talked to a few times,liked him & gave the green card) .But we had got very close to each other in a short time.It works this way for most Indians.Rarely some unlucky girls see their guys for the first time on their wedding day.Thats really wierd. May be on their wedding night its like "come on girl,u r my wife.Lets have sex".Strange!!!I remember reading somewhere what a lady had written about the filthy sex life she had with her husband.She said she lays beside her husband waiting for "IT" like she waits for a pressure cooker whistle."Disgusting" would be a simple word to describe this.I am happy this kind of attitude hs changed to a great extend in my country now.But this is one side of the story.This is not what confuses me.May be thats how it starts for them.But majority of them live together happily for the rest of their lives.I completely polled for love marrige during my teens.But now i find myself really happy after a year of my marriage... may be too early to judge.Still (touch wood), i have this strong belief that things would never go wrong between Sj and me.Even we have our tantrums and fights.But finally i believe, all that matters is love.
I came to US after marriage.Here people live together for years before they finally settle on someone.Just as how i thought a perfect relaton should be.Its a long process of experimentation, testing and analysis, before reaching the final inference, and marry.Its great to know a person well before getiing married. So finally married.But what happens then?No offense meant and i know this is not the case with all.I am sorry if i am hurting anyone's feelings.But what goes wrong that couldn't be analyzed in the long stay?
My grand parents hadn't met each other till there wedding day and still lived happily for more than 40 years till my grand father expired.But i could choose from many guys and had my priorities in a relation.It worked for me.But i know a lot of cases where it didn't work inspite of getting married after long periods of dating and undertsnding. Here many people meet, live together , have sex, live together for 2 more years and finally fail to complete 6 months of happily married life.May not be all.But this happens for many.But y?When you have known a person for long and decided to marry them after knowing them well, how can things change so badly after marriage.Or is it that you never knew them inspite of living with them for so long???But then whats the point in living together.
So does it only dependent on the two people in a relation how it works? So people could be happy even if they didn't date before marriage.I understand that it is important to know the basic nature of a person,their habits and all that stuffs.But is it possible to completely understand someone even if we stay together for a year or so???I doubt now..I feel the definition of love changes after marriage.Its nomore "Blind Love".Its a love of "true vision of acceptance".Accepting a person as they are?Or is it just, taken for granted?But cant we just take each other for granted to a healthy level after marriage?Marriage has a profound meaning to it than any other relation right?Is that so?But then how can we complain?All these things seem complicated and confusing to me.....errrr.... i dont know...!!!May be its all just about "LOVE"

Lazy Me...

Okai.. high time i update the week end activities.As always i was just lazy that i didn't write it yet.So as i had said earlier, my dad came on Saturday.It was the first time he had driven such a long distance alone after his accident 2 years back.So i was a little worried till he reached here safe.Saturday was fun.We went for bowling with Sumesh and Vijay and it was a lot of fun though i couldn't make a single strike.Disapponting! Then we all had dinner together at our apartment.Naveen and Soja joined us.Its good when we have a get together on Saturdays Especially for me , cuz thats one of the few days i see so many people together.I really must start driving soon.It makes me feel like im handicapped now sitting at home all day.We went for a drive to Peoria heights on Sunday.I love the place.Its so pleasing and was so breathtakingly beautiful on sunday after the snow.Dad left on munday morning and the last two days passed just normally like any other day.We had dinner from Thai restaurant yesterday after we shopped for a new pair of shoes for Sajith.I love Thai food.Anyone who hasn't tried it yet must have there curry fried rice and cashew chicken once.Its yummy.I dont know about the restaurants here.But on our honeymoon to Thailand i had cashew chicken from there and it was just luscious.But it cant be had very often considering the extra pounds it adds to our tummy.... [:(]

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Saturdays are the best days in the calender.This is the day when i really get to be myself, lazy, cozy....I got up really late today.Sometime around 11-15am.Thats quite early compared to what time i get up usually on week ends.But we slept at around 3 last night after watching this movie Johny and Frankie.The movie was okai.Nothing great about it,but okai.Our car has a bent rim.So cant go anywhere far this week end,not even for the drive we usually go every week end.My dad would come here tonight from Chicago.I am so happy i am meeting him today.He is bringing a new rim from there.This place where i live is so pathetic that we couldn't find a junkyard which sells rims.A new one costs somewhere around 200 bucks.So dad has got one from Chicago for around $55.Thats a huge difference right.I cant write much today as Sajith is at home.He really cant tolerate me blogging without giving him much attention when he is at home.He is that guy with least interest in books, writing, blogging and all that stuff when im much into all these.He is now taking a shower and i thought i'l quickly make a post.He has never read any of my thinking of writing something about how different we are.Theres lots to say about that.But still he is my sweetheart and we get along very well."Touch Wood".Hope all of you have a great week end.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Fill Ins

1. I'm looking forward to some change in life.

2.Switzerland is a place I always wanted to visit and haven't made it there yet.

3. I've fallen in love with the snow .

4. Six of one, A half dozen of the other.That really makes some sense.

5. Addiction Blogspot!!!,Is that what i suffer now a days???

6. The baby swearing videos in youtube crack me up!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching a movie, tomorrow my plans include spending some time with my dad who is giving us a visit and Sunday, I want to go shopping!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

CUTEST!!!No better adjective...

This is so cute.... i couldn't help myself from adding it here.

Winter pics

I went out in the snow yesterday to get some pics.Photography is lately becoming a choice of interest for me.Im not very sure how long this interest would last, since nothing keeps me fascinated for too long [Note:family and friends are exceptions].But the initial thrill is very high in this case that i expect and intend to carry this for quite a long time.It snowed yesterday morning and my intial plan was to take pictures when it snows.But considering what harm it might do to my camera if it gets wet, i just left that thought and went out just after it stopped snowing.It was freezing outside.I didn't expect it to be that cold.I didn't wear my gloves for obvious reasons of inconvenience.So i went out and started off with the snow covered shrubs and trees. After a couple of minutes, my fingers started feeling so numb, that i felt they never existed.

I tried to get a few pics in macro mode, but the wind wasn't heedful at all.I soon realised that i had to get back in or my fingers would curse me to death.I tried to stay there for some more time, but in vain.The moment i got inside, my fingers started aching badly.I made fruitless efforts to distract my thoughts from my fingers.I kept them under warm water and wrapped them in my towel when finally i got relief.Though i had managed to take some 43 photos, not all them are presentable.Here are some of them i got lucky with.

Paper Anniversary

Dearest Sj
We finally celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.I cant explain how happy i am.I am so happy to know that u liked the poem and the video i had made for you as a gift.It felt really good writing a poem for you though it was just a simple and short one.Atleast i can claim the gift to be completely mine rite...that feels great.But i felt that would be too simple a gift as i knew you would come up with something huge for me.So i had made our friend Sumesh buy the wine and the beef for me.He was really helpful.Thanx to him.I am happy to know that u liked the wine.You had been asking me for a long time to cook beef for you.So i thought i would cook that too as a surprise for you.I was happy to see your exitement when u saw the typical Kerala style cooked beef on our table.But you just gave me a shock with your gift.I never expected a ruby and diamond pendent as a gift.That was lovely.Then again the "Britney Spears" perfume.I loved that too.We went for dinner at Red Lobster.Though you love sea food and i not much of a sea food fan, i still enjoyed our dinner out there.The crab cake i had there was delicious.I enjoyed watching you treating yourself with your favourites- lobster and mashed potatoes .But what i enjoyed the most was our party at home on 2nd evening.Though our wedding annivesary was on 4th, we had given arranged the party on 2nd as this was a saturday and the most convenient day for our frinds.It wasgreat fun.Our cake cutting and smearing it on each others face was all too hilarious.It was a vivacious idea by our friends to give you bumps.i liked it, especially because they honoured me with the task of giving you the bumps.It was more like a birthday celebration.But i really had too much fun.It was a completely delightful evening.I really shouldn't forget to mention how you and all our friends danced.Was it the Scotch ???I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw you all dancing. That really wasn't expected.I don know what form of dance i must call it.May be a strange tribal choreography by you all.But the funniest i have ver seen in my life.Naveen's belly dance was heartening.The whole evening was so mirthful and full of gaiety that i would never forget it in my life.Sj,i want you to know that, living with you as your wife is one of the greatest pleasures life has gifted me with.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Fill In

I got these friday fill in from Amy's blog.She had given a link to another blog which had this...its fun....

1. Once I was a thin girl with a flat tummy
2.A class test tomorrow???!!!I prefer being sick
.3. Today at work,,,hmmm, errr... work????
4. What's Superbowl all about?
5. If I make a mistake I never talk about it to anyone.... [;)]
6. When I woke up this morning, I thought i wanted to sleep for some more time.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to shopping for the wedding anniversary party, tomorrow my plans include expecting an anniversary gift from my husband and Sunday, I want to go for bowling!