Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteens!

Somehow i cant access the TT13 page ti get the code... so im just posting it this way...

Thirteen things i dont like about myself!!!

This is easy Cuz there are many things which i wana change about myself....

1)Im very sensive and Im lazy.
2)Im very short tempered.
3)I trust people very soon.[this has put me in a lota trouble and broken hearts many times].
4)Im lazy.
5)I tend to be too attached to all my friends not just my best friends.[later realize that they r not that attached to me as im to them.]
6)I hate to wake up early in the morning and i am lazy.
7)Im an extrovert.
8)I talk very loud.Sometimes my own ear screams at me for ths.... :( So think about others.
9)I talk very rude to my mum sometimes.I hate to do this, but still i end up doing it.Really wana stop doing that. and im lazy
10)Im not very punctual and Sj is very puctual.I wait till the last moment to get ready if we have to go out somewhere.
11)Im careless.[I buy worng sized clothes sometimes even after trying it out. and yeah im lazy.
12)I hate to do my laundry.Do it only when i wouldn't be left with a choice or when Sj is busy and he wouldn't be able to do it.
13)I think a lot about the bad experiences and mistakes of my past life. HEY!!! Did i mention "IM LAZY"!?!?!?

PS : The list of things like about myself are more than this.


No Nonsense Girl said...

Happy Thursday 13. :)

The Mama Bear said...

Powerful list, now to start acting on the ones that mean the most to you, right...I talk rude to my mom, getting better at not doing it, but old hurts are hard to let go of.

ladybug12 said...

Ohh I really like this idea for a TT and I like the opposing idea too - to post 13 things you like about yourself and DON'T want to change. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sandy Carlson said...

Go easy on yourself. Change "lazy" to "easy-going" and get the chin up! God bless.

Lori said...

Now, tell us what you like about yourself:) I couldnt get the link to TT either but my BF could. Very strange. I wonder whats up with that??? Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

Miranda said...

I cant believe you're too You spent time making this list.

9 - yeah as a mom of a kid that does that....just remember we're not gonna be here forever. (sorry had to put that got reamed out by one of mine this week) winks.

Sylvia said...

great idea for tt. I'd like to see what you like next time too!!

sissy said...

Hah...i'm guessing you're lazy!! LOL

Byrning Bunny said...

Are you being hard on yourself because it's your birthday? I hate to do my laundry too!