Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Highlights of last week

First of all "thank you" all for wishing me on my B'day.I was quite busy for a few days, so couldn't update.As you all had wished me, i had a great B'day.On 22nd Sj did come back from office with u bunch of roses and a cake.That was a complete surprise and i was so happy.He had even invited all our close friends for a dinner.We wen to "Old Chicago" and had a great time there and the food was yummy too.After dinner we all came back to our apartemnt and evveryone was here till 2am.On saturday evening we again had a get together at a friends place.So the weekend was lots of fun apart from Sj's severe head ache on Sunday afternoon.It was so bad that he had to misss office on monday.i was worried.But Thank God, he was alrght by monday evening.We again had a party last night since a friend is moving to Zeatin with his family.This time it was at Jalappinos.I had Polo Yacoto ...eerrr...Yacato...hmmm...yeah...something like that....Anyway it was delicious.I usually never prefer Mexican.But i loved it yesterday and would surely go there to have this again.

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