Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lazy Me...

Okai.. high time i update the week end activities.As always i was just lazy that i didn't write it yet.So as i had said earlier, my dad came on Saturday.It was the first time he had driven such a long distance alone after his accident 2 years back.So i was a little worried till he reached here safe.Saturday was fun.We went for bowling with Sumesh and Vijay and it was a lot of fun though i couldn't make a single strike.Disapponting! Then we all had dinner together at our apartment.Naveen and Soja joined us.Its good when we have a get together on Saturdays Especially for me , cuz thats one of the few days i see so many people together.I really must start driving soon.It makes me feel like im handicapped now sitting at home all day.We went for a drive to Peoria heights on Sunday.I love the place.Its so pleasing and was so breathtakingly beautiful on sunday after the snow.Dad left on munday morning and the last two days passed just normally like any other day.We had dinner from Thai restaurant yesterday after we shopped for a new pair of shoes for Sajith.I love Thai food.Anyone who hasn't tried it yet must have there curry fried rice and cashew chicken once.Its yummy.I dont know about the restaurants here.But on our honeymoon to Thailand i had cashew chicken from there and it was just luscious.But it cant be had very often considering the extra pounds it adds to our tummy.... [:(]

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