Thursday, February 7, 2008

Winter pics

I went out in the snow yesterday to get some pics.Photography is lately becoming a choice of interest for me.Im not very sure how long this interest would last, since nothing keeps me fascinated for too long [Note:family and friends are exceptions].But the initial thrill is very high in this case that i expect and intend to carry this for quite a long time.It snowed yesterday morning and my intial plan was to take pictures when it snows.But considering what harm it might do to my camera if it gets wet, i just left that thought and went out just after it stopped snowing.It was freezing outside.I didn't expect it to be that cold.I didn't wear my gloves for obvious reasons of inconvenience.So i went out and started off with the snow covered shrubs and trees. After a couple of minutes, my fingers started feeling so numb, that i felt they never existed.

I tried to get a few pics in macro mode, but the wind wasn't heedful at all.I soon realised that i had to get back in or my fingers would curse me to death.I tried to stay there for some more time, but in vain.The moment i got inside, my fingers started aching badly.I made fruitless efforts to distract my thoughts from my fingers.I kept them under warm water and wrapped them in my towel when finally i got relief.Though i had managed to take some 43 photos, not all them are presentable.Here are some of them i got lucky with.

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