Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ponderous Omelette!

It would be strange for me to write this after today's Thursday Thirteen (which is completely true inspite of this one blog).But i found this so funny that i had to mention it here.Today morning my husband denied carrying a triple omelette for lunch to office for he felt it would be too inconveniet and heavy.I got really irritated cuz he told me this quite rudely.HELLO!Its an omelette, not a hen that i asked u to carry.Anyway on second thought he knew that didn't make any sense and took it with him.But i knew he was really pissed with some crap in office and this was just an exhibition of his frustration.So i was peaceful, though i had lost my temper initially. Moreover he called me from office and accepted his mistake.So that completely called off my anger .I really find it funny (irritating sometimes) how guys behave sometimes when they are pissed.And yeah,finally all the irritation and frustration ends up on one person -his wife.I am thinking what would have all these guys done if god hadn't made women.Suppose they all reproduced by some asexual vegetative reproduction like amoeba where men released men and more men.Ooooppppsss!!! Thats a very wild imagination.BUT THEN, what would they really have done without us women!!!???

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