Thursday, February 7, 2008

Paper Anniversary

Dearest Sj
We finally celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.I cant explain how happy i am.I am so happy to know that u liked the poem and the video i had made for you as a gift.It felt really good writing a poem for you though it was just a simple and short one.Atleast i can claim the gift to be completely mine rite...that feels great.But i felt that would be too simple a gift as i knew you would come up with something huge for me.So i had made our friend Sumesh buy the wine and the beef for me.He was really helpful.Thanx to him.I am happy to know that u liked the wine.You had been asking me for a long time to cook beef for you.So i thought i would cook that too as a surprise for you.I was happy to see your exitement when u saw the typical Kerala style cooked beef on our table.But you just gave me a shock with your gift.I never expected a ruby and diamond pendent as a gift.That was lovely.Then again the "Britney Spears" perfume.I loved that too.We went for dinner at Red Lobster.Though you love sea food and i not much of a sea food fan, i still enjoyed our dinner out there.The crab cake i had there was delicious.I enjoyed watching you treating yourself with your favourites- lobster and mashed potatoes .But what i enjoyed the most was our party at home on 2nd evening.Though our wedding annivesary was on 4th, we had given arranged the party on 2nd as this was a saturday and the most convenient day for our frinds.It wasgreat fun.Our cake cutting and smearing it on each others face was all too hilarious.It was a vivacious idea by our friends to give you bumps.i liked it, especially because they honoured me with the task of giving you the bumps.It was more like a birthday celebration.But i really had too much fun.It was a completely delightful evening.I really shouldn't forget to mention how you and all our friends danced.Was it the Scotch ???I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw you all dancing. That really wasn't expected.I don know what form of dance i must call it.May be a strange tribal choreography by you all.But the funniest i have ver seen in my life.Naveen's belly dance was heartening.The whole evening was so mirthful and full of gaiety that i would never forget it in my life.Sj,i want you to know that, living with you as your wife is one of the greatest pleasures life has gifted me with.


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