Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Days are alomost the same.I wake up, make tea, Sj goes to office,comes home for lunch by when i will lazily cook something,eat lunch together, drink tea in the evening[yeah, i take Boost on certain days too], watch tv, eat agaon n sleep.I believe what i have right now, is the most unfruitful days anyone can ever have.But its not just all my fault. A few days back i realized that im not even allowed to do volunteer jobs, [unless its community service]. I had met with the HOD of Immonology of the UIC.He is a great person. When i reached there i realized the schedule he has.But he still took time to talk to me.I had already taken an appointment. It was at 6 in the evening.I spent the morning brushing up old stuffs after dusting up some notes i had with me.It was wonderful talking to him.He gave me valuable advice and even promised me a job w/o pay in his lab if its legal.I was over whelmed.It would a great opportunity to work in one f the best labs in USA.The next day i checked my mail atleast 15 times for his mail finally before i finally received his mail stating i wasn't allowed to work.It was so disappointing as i was really hopeful about his.May be its not time yet.Im not yet ready to join for PhD.Thats another option i have right now..I have no clue where this is leading by.Im hoping things would be better after i receive a greencard.

Friday, October 3, 2008

1. October is romantic with fall colours

.2. The dream i had last night scares me!

3. Leaves are falling all around, it's the beautiful fall colours i love.

4. My favorite horror movie is the ring because its horrifying.

5. Childhood = good memories.

6. It was a dark and stormy night when we drove for 4 hours to Peoria .

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a drive to the downtown, tomorrow my plans include attending a wedding and Sunday, I want to see a dentist if they are open!

Weird dreams and regular work outs

I have been ignoring my blog since very long.I think i must really try to update it more often. Being idle has made my mind wander in routes where i have high probability of getting lost.I am not sure if its just me not having much to do or if its my mind retrospecting all that i wanted and i have lost.I dont know.I would like to believe its the former.I am still confused about what dreams really mean for us.Do they really mean anything?i dont know.But i think i need not know.Cuz as long as i dont know, i can believe that they dont mean anything...There are certain things thats causing my heart ache at times and i shed some tears.But i just cant forget how wonderful Sj is.i feel he is such a great guy i have no right to hurt him.This belief is what keeps me going...I usually even try to be away from TV programmes which brings to me thoughts i dont cherish.

I am working out regularly with Sj these days.Hoping to shed some pounds.Hoping to have a good weekend.I really feel i must have a romantic get away with Sj.Feel really need it at this time.Not that anything bad has happened for me.I just feel like we need it.Sometimes i even feel i must have kid soon which might keep me engaged.But i dont want to jump into such major decisions without being really prepared for it.