Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Days are alomost the same.I wake up, make tea, Sj goes to office,comes home for lunch by when i will lazily cook something,eat lunch together, drink tea in the evening[yeah, i take Boost on certain days too], watch tv, eat agaon n sleep.I believe what i have right now, is the most unfruitful days anyone can ever have.But its not just all my fault. A few days back i realized that im not even allowed to do volunteer jobs, [unless its community service]. I had met with the HOD of Immonology of the UIC.He is a great person. When i reached there i realized the schedule he has.But he still took time to talk to me.I had already taken an appointment. It was at 6 in the evening.I spent the morning brushing up old stuffs after dusting up some notes i had with me.It was wonderful talking to him.He gave me valuable advice and even promised me a job w/o pay in his lab if its legal.I was over whelmed.It would a great opportunity to work in one f the best labs in USA.The next day i checked my mail atleast 15 times for his mail finally before i finally received his mail stating i wasn't allowed to work.It was so disappointing as i was really hopeful about his.May be its not time yet.Im not yet ready to join for PhD.Thats another option i have right now..I have no clue where this is leading by.Im hoping things would be better after i receive a greencard.

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Madeleine said...

Hang in there Chikku, try to enjoy the peace you have right now, read, do something you like. Join our reading bloggs. Once you receive your green card things will move fast and you probably will not have the leisure time you have now. I wish I had some of this empty time again.
We would all love to have you part of our book blog. Let me know.

Have a nice week-end Chikku :}