Saturday, March 1, 2008

cant believe this!!!

I cant actually believe that this is happening.A mom wants her own daughter killed.How evil?I hope all might have read about Lauren Richardson who went to a coma after a drug over dose.I dont know if she is already dead.I hope not.I read that even though she is showing signs of improvement, her mother still wants the food tube removed.I have all my prayers with her dad who is fighting for his daughter.The most cruel thing is that she is being starved to death.This is inhuman.My heart felt the pain when i saw her video in which she was shown as responding to poeple.May be she wants to live.How cruel is it to starve and murder a disabled person.Couldn't they atleast give her a more peaceful and easy death.Lord,i cant believe this is happening.Whhat kind of person is her mother.How can a mother who bore her child in her womb be so cunning towards her own daughter.This is same as it happened with Terri Schiavo.I pray to God to give her a quick n painless death if they remove the tube.I pity her child who would have to live wth such a cruel grand mother.


napaboaniya said...

the mom is either sick.. i mean extremely sick in her mind or the only reason I can think of is... she's NOT the biological mother.

I hope the dad wins the fight for his daughter.

Rose DesRochers said...

How sad. Having lost my own younger daughter I don't know what is going through this woman's mind.


sissy said...

how sad. i can't see starving her to death. i am not opposed to letting someone go, but not like. be humane and loving. i could never in a million years starve my child to death, no matter how disabled or miserable their life. it's awful.

No Nonsense Girl said...

some people shouldn't have kids.