Monday, March 10, 2008

Tagged by nononsense girl i really enjoyed doing this.Just grab a book nearest to any page randomly and write the first 5 sentences.... wow, This is fun....

The book nearest to me now is "The rain Maker" by John Grasham..... here it goes...

"How old are you"?
"You ask a lot of question,"I say with a smile.Her eyes are sparkling.
"Twenty-Five",How old are you?
She thinks about this for a second.

okai... I am tagging Sissy and anybody else who wana play.If you r playing, please leave your link in the comment here so that i can visit ur blog and read your meme.Have a great time all.....


sissy said...

The book is Duma Key by Stephen King.

"Got it off your chest?" Wireman asked, not quite smiling.

"Almost," he said. "All I'm saying is that Mary Understands our situation. We sell good stuff, most of us, and sometimes we sell great stuff. We do our best to find and develop new artists, but some of our customers are too rich for their own good."

Did I do this right???

No Nonsense Girl said...

Thanks for playing Chikku. :)

Rose DesRochers said...

"I know how you feel."

God understands the loss of a child because he experienced it.

He said to Jesus you are my son whom I love.

He watched men torture his beloved son.

He felt the grief of seeing the people he created rebel against him.

The book Hugs, Hope and Peanut Butter by Marsha Jordan.