Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Planning a trip

Its a very foggy morning here.Looks beautiful outside.I might end up going out for a few pics later sometime.Not sure.Anyway i have more laundry to do today.In the evening we are going to a friend's house.We are planning for a short 2 day road trip to some place in the coming week end.So we need to discuss it with them.Seven of us would go together.The friend's kid would be there.The sweet little girlI love her so much.We are just worried about her.We are not sure if she would be comfortable with long drives.She is just one nad a half years and needa a baby seat.But this little girl hates to be placed that way for a long time.She likes to hang around and play.She is the naughty little sweet grl....She is like our own kid to Sj and me.Hope she too would enjoy the trip as just like we all.But we all really need a change now and has to go for a trip.Since we are at such an insignificant corner of mid-west now, we dont have anything interesting near by.So plannig for Arkansas right now.Would comfirm only tonight after discussing it with all.Its still 9 hours drive from here.


sissy said...

Are these pics where you live?? Its so beautiful there. Really gorgeous. I hope you guys have a good trip wherever you go. Drive safe and have fun.

chikku said...

;) ... nope..thats the pic of Arkansas i got from the net...hihihihihihihi

chikku :)