Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First Love

We all love a lot of people in our lives, parents,relatives,friends,teachers etc,..etc... But I am not talkng about that love here.I am talking about the intimate romantic relationship we gift only a few with.I feel love is one of the most spiritual and intense feelings of all.Again its not the infatuation of the 13 year old im talking about.We all have had that kind of crushes at some point in our lives.But consider the feeling when we really fall in love with a person for the first time in our life.Those shy moments,exchange of secret glimpses and that fear of confessing the love.I think the real feel of all these is attained only when we fall in love for the first time ever.Later,in all our other relations even if these feelings would exist, still there would be lack of that spark we felt the first time.Im not saying that we wouldn't be able to love anyone else.We certainly can.But i think there would be lesser number of butterflies in our stomach this time we get a proposal.But we would be able to be more attached to another person who would be able to shower us with more love and care than the first one..All our past relations might fade away eventually,but not our first true love ever.Whatever would be the reason of the break up, our first love would always be sheltered at some silent corner of our heart even if all it left us with was sorrow and pain.Even we might not realize it most of the time.But there would be certain point in all our lives, when it just peeks its head out from there and remind us of their existance.Now I am not sure how many actually agree with me.But i feel if u r not reminded of such a relation, then may be it might not have had completely qualified for the position of "First True Love".I come from that part of the world where fallng in love is not considered a very desirable act.Not that not body falls in love there.But the circumstances and society prefer it the other way and its not always that people get chances to mingle enough so as to fall in love unless they stay away from their homes for studies or job.We rarely have love marriages.So under these situations i really consider love,true love a very sacred feeling which connects hearts and being dumped as one of the most hurtful feelings which affects one's self esteem highly.Still first love is like that rose petal u left inside your school text book.Even after years that faded its beauty, u still like it and dont possibly have the heart to throw it away even when thats what your brain wants you to do.


SweetAnnee said...

Oh the joy of first love, tis sweet and

Hold it close to your heart!!


sissy said...

beautiful...there really is nothing quite like first love. you never forget it and i don't think you ever quite get over it. and nothing ever quite feels the same as the first time. and i suppose it's not supposed to.

Ananya said...

The first time is the best time! Coming from the same part of the world that you come from, I know the stares you get and the deadly chides one is given from the others around fro the crime called"falling in love"! Its never a passing thing...First time is for the keeps!Its true that the butterflies dont flutter much the second time! Everyone has that first love and the lucky few get married to their first love!:)