Monday, March 24, 2008

Im back

We got back yesterday afternoon from Arkansas.It was a good trip.But we had to return on saturday night than on Sunday as it was planned earlier as a friend who was with us had some important work to be done on Sunday.I got to know this only after we reached there.It was okai, though i was disappointed when i hears anout it first.But we had a good time there.I will write in detail later about what happenned each day. Arkansas is a beautiful place,Very quiet and calm.We couldn't visit too many places there , but we all had a great time together.But our return journey was kind of hectic as we hadn't slept well for 2 days and we started from there by 4am on sunday morning with out sleeping.So all we did after reacing home was sleep till today morning. took many fotos... i will add more here later. You can click on the photos to view them in the original size..

The moon looked exceptionally beautiful on friday night.

A view on the way to Whitaker point.This deer was special as this was the only one with a horn in the herd...

We found these herd of deer and cattle on our way to Whitaker point.There were nearly 30-40 deers and it was fascinating to watch them grazing and moving together.The view was breath taking with lush green pasture fenced by hundreds of trees

The herd of cattle.

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