Thursday, March 27, 2008

Do dreams really mean something?I dont know.I hope it doesn't.I dont want my dreams to mean anything to me.Thats the kind of dreams i saw a couple of nights. They weren't scary.They were pleasant in my sleep.Just not something i want to dream about.Leaves me with nothing but pain.
They say "an idle mind is devil's worshop" and I say "they are so right".My dreams weren't devilish.But I isn't something i must dream about.Its all gone from my life.I have come long ahead, but it wasn't that i was fast,it was that it left me on the way.My journey alone wasn't filled with thorns and stones like they say.But it was mostly roses and flowers.But even roses have thorns and memories do haunt me sometimes.I have moved on,So far that i cant even see it if i turn back or even if i want to,but then y did it leave so many imprints which i find so difficult to erase.Y couldn't it just leave me with all the pain it inficted,without any room for more pain.


No Nonsense Girl said...

stopping by to say hello! :)

SweetAnnee said...

My dreams last night were disturbing..I even woke hubby up
trying to tell him someone was
in the house.

I also dreamed of an old love, why
does that haunt me still ?? after 20 years??

have better dreams tonight my friend..Deena

chikku said...


oh, u seem to have had a very bad dream...dreaming about ur old love after 20 years,i dont know,i dont know y somethings still remain in there even f we dont want them to...thats y like to think drems dont mean anything..

sissy said...

well, as they say...nothing gets you over the last like the next! LOL...ok, i'm kidding. however, i think that anything you feel deeply leaves an emotional scar, a forever wound. dreams remind of us things so we don't forget who we were, who we are and who might and will be.


Ananya said...
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