Monday, April 28, 2008


There is a good news and a bad news.So which one first?Okai, let good overtake bad for now. The good news is that two more kids have joined for the dance class now.They are twins, a girl and a boy, 6 years of age.They are really very sweet.I have fun with them.
Now goes the bad news.I had mailed a professor at a well known university nearby asking her if i can do volunteer work in her lab.It would have given me some experience though i wouldn't get paid.But she replied with a No.But im glad she atleast replied.Last time i had mailed another guy at the university, he never replied.So guess i would have to wait for some more time before i really start working.
We didn't go to Chicago this weekend and postponed it to next weekend.Next weekend we will go to Chicago and from there to Minneapolis.W e are visiting my cousins there.It would be fun.


sissy said...

Sorry about the job. One thing I've figured out in my pursuit of the perfect job is that you face a lot of rejection before you find the right thing. Kinda sounds like Hollywood. But I think it applies in many situations. You'll find something. Don't lose hope.
I am, however, very glad for your new students. How fun. Nothing is quite as infectious as the energy and joy that springs from a happy kid.
Also, sure you'll have a great weekend.

chikku said...

Hi Sissy,
Thanks for those words..yeah, guess its not time that i have almost lost touch with my studies, i guess i will have to do some course bfore i take a job.. god knows whats destined for me..
chikku :)