Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hi all.I had a great time with my parents around.We gave them a surprise party.We decorated our living room with ballons and candles and colour papers.....It was so good and looked so beautiful with candles all around.I love candle.They are magical for me.A dozen lighted candles in a room can just make wonders.Its so beautiful and romantic.So everything turned out good on 18th.My parenst reached here by around 8pm and we had decorated everything by that time.We gifted them a canon digital camera.It was Sj's idea to buy the camera.But it was a great idea as my parents were actually planning to buy one.I really liked the camera.I lked the macromode of this camera.It works really good.My parents went back to Chicogo on Sunday.I wanted them to stay with me for a few more days.But my dad had work to be done and couldn't stay back.My mum wanted to be with my dad.shew says she ca,e all the way from India o be woth him.hhhmmmm...Thats actually true.But she has promised to stay with me for a week later.We have planned a trip to New York in May end.I have never been to NY before.So im excited.Between, the dance class is going good.


Ananya said...

cool gify! for a moment i wished i was one of ur parents!for the cameras sake:D lol...
candles have a beautiful effect always!i love candles too! they r very romantic and soothing!

sissy said...

great gift idea. good for anyone. you'll h ave a great time in new york. i actually lived their back in '93. it's something else.