Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend news

Hi.This weekend is going quite fast.Friday night we had friends at our home.They are not like any guests.We are so close [touch wood] that they just drop in any time they feel like.So they suddenly decided to come and came by 8 n the night and we had a great time together..I made Pulao and chicken curry for dinner.It was 2am by the time they actually left.Then on Saturday morning we had the dance class.Then we went for the shopping.

April 14th, thats tomorrow is a very auspicious day for us.Its called Vishu.

Its kind of a new year for us.We believe that the rest of the year goes depending how good/bad this day was spend.So basically, we are not supposed to quarrel,cry,be sad etc..etc... on this day and has to try to be happy the whole day...Now whether its true or not, I believe in it.Afteral there is nothing worng in trying to be happy for whatever reason.So we are having feast tonight here.We all friends are cooking together all the typical dishes for our lunch back in our place.But we would have them for dinner cuz not everyone is free on sunday afternoon.Actually we are supposed to have thi food in banana leaf..thats another But its damn tasty that way...Hot food in the leaf gives a beautiful aroma which adds on to the taste.But we are managing with paper plates here..Im sure many of you would be surprised and shocked to hear these traditions, but we enjoy all these a lot.I believe all the festivals are celebrated to bring the whole family together.All the members in the family cousins and uncles and grand parenst,,,we all get together on these days and its a hell lot os fun.. God, I miss it all...I miss my home... Hope u all have a great week end..


sissy said...

I hope your day, Vishu, goes great. I know you will have a happy, joy filled day. Don't be sad that you aren't spending it in your home. Many people are so glad to have you here, including me. I only wish I could come over for dinner!!!

chikku said...

Hi Sissy, If u were anywhere near, i surely would have invited u for dinner...I wish u were.We had a great time last night....Now the house is so messy,it will take a lot of time to clean up.....But considering to the fun we had,its okai... We got decked out in our traditional dress, a was good...there is a hell lot of food left.Guess i dont have to think of cooking for a week now...