Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reality Shows

Its seems to be the new trend to make all shows "REALITY SHOWS".But i wonder how close they really stay to reality.I feel these shows are really ridiculous especially the ones which helps one find true love and friendship and stuff.Its crazy.All the drama these girls show for their love.These girls must get a life.I just happened to see this Millionaire Matchmaker and this stupid female is asking a guy a list of questions inorder to find a match for him.One of them in the list is "How many times do you want to have sex in week".Hello! Reality shows actually work for shows like "American Idol",But otherwise majorty of them are just disgustng.I think a lot of it is well-scripted drama.But again i must confess that i do watch them once a while.Its fun though crazy sometimes to watch these stupid girls doing all funny stuffs to impress their love of these men can find their true love in reality shows y cant Paris Hilton fnd her true friend?


sissy said...


Ha this one. They are so ridiculous, yet sickeningly addictive. I tend to view them more as a soap opera. Not really real at all. I mean, who really acts like that?? I'm hoping it's all fake drama for tv and to earn a paycheck. After all, these girls have parents!! I'd be mortified.


chikku said...

I swear.. im just thinking what their parents would be thinking when they see all this....First i thought Rock of love is rediculous..but then i saw..Flavour of love..Ah, then, i realised how better Rock of love is... FOL is disgusting..I dont know what those girls find in that guy..

Madeleine said...

I stoped watching them, they are ridiculus.
I used to like watching "The Fear Factor" overcoming your worst fears, can see where this has some value.