Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hi.My mum reached last night.She had a good flight.No turbulance and stuff...Sh emade some friends in the flight.So she wasn't very bored.Infact there was an old couple with her who didn't know English.So she had to help them through everything.She quite enjoyed it since it was a long flight, [more than 16 hours] and she had something to is in Chicago now and will visit us on friday...Its their 25th wedding anniversary on April 18th..Guess i already mentioned it in my last post... So we are celebrating it here.We have a big shopping to do today for tomorrow's party.We are cooking ourselves.But we have to cook and keep verything ready before they reach here.My dad reads my blog once in a while.Im not sure if he doe sit now a days.I guess no.Im not sure if he still has the link to my blog i had given him once... Hope he doesn't.Incase he reads, he would come to know about our i wouldn't mention the gift now. :)


Ananya said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents!

chikku said...

Thank u.. i have conveyed your wishes to was ur vishu???

chikku :)