Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Great happy news!!!! Sj just got a new job.He had been looking for one since a long time.He was in an Indian company and was here on a project.Now he is palced in an american company with a better pay and benefits.They would file for green card later for us with no cost of ours.This was ht echange i had mentioned in an earlier post.We were so busy looking for new aparments last week.We want to furnuish the new apartmnet really good.There is nothing much furniture and stuff in this apartment where we stay now cuz we never had plans to stay here for long... this is a great change to happpen now...The best thing is, the new place where we would stay would be just 8 miles from my dad's place...So he can just come and stay with us anytime.lala lala laaalaaa.
The company pays for our relocation and lease break and stuff.They would even pay a few bucks extra to us before we move to chicago.So its really cool..I love shopping.We both want to buy a good king size bed, a sofa and someother stuffs for the new apartment.AAAAhhhhhhh!!!! Im so excited.
Sj always wanted a job change.He had applied at so many places,but got very less interviews.Its so difficult to get a new job in US now.But last month, he had 2 interviews, one at chicago and one at Camarillo, California.Sj loves California.Always wanted to work there.But this Chicago job is more rpomising than the other one.So decided to go with this.Moreover we have no friends or relatives in CA. im so glad im moving closer to my dad.Wish me luck everyone.Will update about everything regarding my shifting.Have fun.

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