Monday, June 16, 2008

In Chicago to see off mum

Hi.Im in Chicago now.My mum is going back on thursday and i decided to stay with her till then.Sj has went back today morning as he has to attend office.We went shopping yesterday and mum bought Jadore perfume.She loves it and had been looking for good deals on it ever since she came.I bought an American beauty mineral makeup for myself. I never had plans for buying it, I just tried and when everyone told me it was good on me.So ended up spending $25 on it.These things are expensive.I wanted a buy a good concealer i found later which was another 22 bucks, but decided against it as i felt i shouldn't be spending so much on cosmetics, atleast till i start earning some money.I watched Sex n the City last thursday and kinda liked it.Im a sex n the city fan n watch it regularly on tv.So i badly wanted to watch the movie.Though Sj is not very fond of the series, he still agreed to take me for it.The movie was kinda good.Im not sure if i really loved it.I felt it was a bit dragging.But i liked the stuff.
Im very sad now that my mum is leaving.Both my mum n dad very gloomy too.I even saw my dad crying cuz he doesn't wana stay away from my mum.My dad is on a greencard here and my mum can actually visit any time.She got a visa for 10 years.But she has a few responsilities there to take care of and she is working too.I'l write in detail about it later.But im sure my decision to stay here for a week has really helped.My dad wouldn't atleast feel very lonely after my mum has left.Its been almost 2 months since my mother came.But time seems to be in great rush.I hope evryone has a great week ahead.HAve fun.


Ananya said...

ur dad does love ur mom very much!Separation from the one you love is very difficult! its a good idea to stay back with him for a while! Hope Sj doesnt end up missing u!

Ananya said...

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