Wednesday, June 25, 2008

back from choicago

Hi.I am back from Chicago.I was at my dad's place and i really felt sad seeing my mum leave.I would have loved to see her stay back for some more time.We argue quite a lot when we are together.But still we have great love and respect for eachother which many others dont know.I bought a few gifts for mu mum.A lip colour and eye shadow and stuff... she usually doesn't wear much make up.But the ones i bougth were almost skin tones.So it was okai.Mum reached safe and thankfully the flight was on time.Another really lucky thing to happen was that mu mum could sent 2 baggages.Yeah, She had 2 almost over weight baggages and a truly over weight hand baggage.Incase they had made her open the hand baggage, things would have popped out of it as in an insan epopcorn machine.A friend had gifted her with a lots of kitchen wares which she was keen to carry with her.Then she had all these gifts she had bought for our relatives,mostly perfumes and stuff.Then she had bought her favourite brand of perfume for herself, J'adore.Well, I love it too.Its worth the $85 spent on it.I love it.But my mum love sit more.So all this had made her bags really heavy.We were really worried as she was travelling alone.But my dad knew someone at the airport.But we weren't sure we would meet her there.he just knew this lady, but wasn;t very colose to her or something.Thank god we met her at the airport.This lady works for the Indian airlines and she helped us by sending all my my mum's bags in baggage without even weighing them.All she had to carry was a laptop bag.Thank god .
I bought a mineral make up for myself.Find it good.But nothing to beat my Loreal 3 in 1 foundation stick.Its really good.Though they suggest that the moneral make up can be worn by itself, i use it like a compact after my Loreal stick and i works better this way for me.

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