Monday, June 9, 2008

Back to square one

Hi all.Last 2 weeks had been quite busy.A change i badly needed.My mum was here with me and with the dance practices in full swing, i had a great time.My mum returned with my dad yesterday and the dance got over on saturday.So its back to square one now.Im again here, sitting on my sofa, laptop in front of me,blogging with the tv switched on.Im watching [or atleast thats on tv now] american morning and these guys are discussing Obama and Hilary....Im not sure how much im listening.But the tv is switched on and would be so the wholw day.Do i sound a bit depressed?Well, incase i dont, let me tell u that im.Not exactly depressed,but im sad.Im sad that my mum left and that the dance is over.The dance good and we got hell lot of appreciation on saturday.It was a great feeling when it was over.It was a complete Indian bollywood and classical based dance.I'l upload it in youtube and then i will add the link here.Im not sure how many of you will enjoy it.But i cant explain the fun i had.Getting the costume was the most difficult thing to do.Finally we decided on draping a sari.But it was difficult to dance on sari.So my mum came up with this idea of a qiock temporary stitching of the saro to make it look like a skirt...It allw orked well and we all had cosrumes.We even made similar accessories with lace and other simple stuffs we bought from Micheals.Now a hint about the change i had mentioned to u earlier in another post.We might move from our current place soon.Nothing is confrmed.But we might.Moe details soon to come.have fun all.Have a great weekend ahead.


Ananya said...

U do sound depressed! Its ok...just try putting an ad in the paper saying u offer help in classical dancing! sometimes these ads will help u!:)

sissy said...

Sorry you're feeling the blues!! Wish I was around more to pep you up. Dangit. On the positive side, I'm glad you had a great time with mom and the dance was great. I really can't wait to see it if you do download it. Hopefully your move will happen and it will be a positive experience and good things will come from it. I'm doing my best to get the computer up, but it's expensive and money is tight!! But I am thinking of you and missing you.