Friday, January 25, 2008


We have subscribed to Blockbuster and almost everyday we have a new movie to watch.I prefer simple romatic or comedy movies.Sj likes more of the action,fictions and stuffs.Not that i dont like them, but the kinda movies he usually chooses gives me a bad sleep in the night.I hate to watch violence,especially before going to bed.So usually i disapprove of his choice of movies and change the queue he has made in the site.
I couldn't change this movie Braveheart from the list cuz it was shipped before i could do it.I wasn't much interested in watching it and the cd was lying around since 2-3 days.Yesterday night we finally decided to watch it.Trust me, I loved the movie.Its an amazing movie and i loved every bit of it.Never felt there was violence in it though there were so many wars and killing sequences.Whenever there was killing and stuff, i kept my eyes closed.I think the movie was picturised in Scotland,im not sure.Whereever it is, its an amazing location.Its no surprise that the movie won so many Oscars.Couldn't watch the assassination of William Wallace (Mel Gibson) as i couldn't bear to see the torture.Though i just ran inside to avoid watching it, i still couldn't stop myself from crying.I know that sounds silly and soooooo girlish.But then, im a girl afterall and is very proud of being one too.
I guess over the years i have really become very weak at heart.I was a tough girl in school.Infact being the guide's leader and the class captain many times till the 9th standard had titled me with a lot of nick names among the guys.Not that i wasn't a friendly person.I always was and still am an extrovert and jubilant too.I remember my mother always tagging me "miss sturdy"when i was young, whereas my brother was considered to be a weak soul.Its a different story that a silly jobless saturday afternoon fight with this weak soul has left a permanent mark on the side of left eye.Moreover this so called weak soul, my brother has grown upto into a brawny,robust, hansome 6'2" boy now and me, look at me.I feel i have grown more emotionally fragile in the last 4-5 years.I cant exactly figure out the reason for that.May be a few broken freindships or hurt ego in the college days.But still college was fun.
I cry for the silliest of the reasons now.So now im trying to change that about myself.Though emotions and tears come free of cost, i have decided to consider them equalent to my monthly electricity bill.Use less and save more.Hope that works.

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