Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1st Anniversary soon

Today is Jan 22, that makes it exactly 13 more days to my first wedding anniversary.Sajith,my husband says, he cant believe its already a year.But may be because of the large number of events that had taken place last year i had quite a good track of time and knew this was coming.I was initially at Sajith's home with his parents after marriage before i moved to Bangalore with him. Then i had to go to Mumbai for the project submission and it was almost mid Oct before i made it to US.So all these were kind of enough to give me a good idea of the running time.But now I am in great dilemma cuz i have no idea what i would do to make this 1st anniversary a memorable one for him.I wanted to buy a gift and give him a huge surprise. Most of the things i saw in the different websites, either didn't fit in my budget or i didn't like them. I really dont want to end up buying something which wouldn't gain much appreciation.I cant forget buying a cell phone for him for his last birthday which didn't make him very happy cuz it didn't have FM in it.Lord, that wasn't a happy day.So expensive gifts need not bring happiness always. When i give a surprise, it has to be the best even if not very expensive. Actually i had big plans.But now, when i look at the monthly installments we gota pay for the new flat we bought at Kochi, i guess i must hold my purse tight. But surprises need not be expensive, they gota be exiting, like the surprise i gave Sajith when we first met. That was the best. Didn't cost me a thing,but was fun. I went to the airport to receive him without telling him i was gona be there.Infact i had even told him that i wouldn't be there. That was just the beginning. I waited outside when he was with his family and called him on phone and talked to him pretending that i was calling from home.The over-whelmed expression on his face when i walked right in front of him talking to him over the phone is something i can never forget. He just stood there looking at me with an "I Dont Believe Its U" kind of expression and yeah, that was the 1st time we met.Its a lota fun to think of all that.Yeah, so surprises have gota be something of that sort.But what???I have some plans.I was looking at all these videos in youtube and got the idea of making a power point.But doubt how good i am in it.So thinking of making a video.Had asked a freind to make a card with our photographs.But then dropped that plan.Somehow didnn't like the idea much.Shew..... What would i finally do for him??? What about a peotry???hmm....i am not sure what it would turn out to be if i write one... gota try that.Thought of getting a peotry written online, but then, the gift has to be mine,must say my feelings,my love!!! not my feelings expressed in someone else's imagination.... hmm... lemme see if i can come up with some idea.

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