Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So another day has passed and as i had mentioned yesterday, im still kinda not completely sure about the gift for Sajith.I had always thought that the most difficult thing ever is to find the root of (Sinθ – Cos θ). My vivid memories of those mathematical problems are still scary.My subject of interest was always literature.Wanted to do Bachelors in Communicative English and masters in mass communication. Im sure i would have loved that.But then, there s always something called destiny.Being a strong believer in God, i have blind faith in destiny. Now that really doesn't mean that i regreat being a Biotechnologist (dats what i like to call myself after a masters in Biotechnology).I enjoy running a SDS PAGE and feels good when i say people i can make a mutant E.Coli. Doesn't that sound interesting?Atleast it does for me.So no regrets. As always im being drifted away from the topic i started. Okai, so coming to the gift...I have finally, i guess, decided to make a power point with all our photos n stuffs and a very personalised video with my mesages for him (Courtesy: youtube) . Then planning to buy him some wine, one of his favourites. Thought of flowers too, but felt thats so girlish and something i am expecting from him. So jus chucked the idea of buying flowers.Then i would cook some non-veg maily mutton and fish,im sure hr would love that. This is one time when i realized the importance of getting my driving lessons.Since i dont drive i have asked a friend to buy the wine for me.I didn't know how to add music to a powerpoint, so learned all that today.I spent most of the time today trying different stuffs, choosing photos and music and all that stuff.I listened to many tracks and kinda finalalised with First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Roberta Flack,but then heard this instrumental from Krisna n loved that.Just that i found it too short. Sometimes i feel there is nothing to beat the Indian music.This music just struck me so deep. Anyway i will complete the video n 2-3 days.I might add it here later after Sajith sees it,may be a censored version. So now i am sort of happy since i can claim my gifts as completely my own. I find all this much better than buying a gift online. Hope things work out good and he likes my gifts.If he would have been my boyfriend and not my husband, may be he would have liked anything i give him, But now,after marriage he gets choosy. Hey,Now im not sure about that.Thats what i have heard.But i know he is a honest person though i dont appreciate it always. If he doesn't like my gifts, he would tell me that, might not be now, but after a month.So im just crossing my fingers and hoping that he would like my surprises.

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