Thursday, December 27, 2007

my first blog

Finally, i am on with my first blog ever.I dont even know what i must do to make it a good one.I just hope it wouldn't turn out really bad.This tuesday afternoon is just like my all other days.I am alone at home really bored trying everything new i possibly am not lazy enough to avoid or watching some crazy meaningless videos.Thanks to videojug and youtube.I dont know why i get bored of things so fast.I used to watch movies online or waste my time n orkut or facebook.But kind of lost interest in them now.But i still make sure i check my orkut account daily.I love to read those scraps from friends.Since i am new im US, I dont have much friends here. So i cant afford not to be in touch with my friends back in India.Its been two days since i have gone out of my apartment.First of all its damn cold outside and then i am lazy.So i just sit at home killing time in every possible way i can.There is a plan for a tour by friday.It would be great if that works out.I am looking forward to it.

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