Saturday, July 2, 2016

That big water falls

If I gather all the tears I cry for you,
And convene all the ache I cannot eschew,
I can lay out a colossal water fall,
So monumental, it will put Chutes de Khones to shame.
I wish to drown deep into it, never to
Be on your face again, never to 
Crawl on your brain again. 
Yet, deep in the darkness of repose 
when water fills my nostrils & 
lungs gasp for oxygen, 
Before ears go numb,  
Before I sink back up,
And after the colors start to fade,
Alas, The heart will wish against all my wills,
To be seen by you, to be held to safety by you.
If you appear, do not take me home.
Ride with me there where I wish to be-
In the land of the rainbows and the reindeers.
There I go, deluded by my weary sanity Again!
I do know, I do know. 
You wouldn't come.... You cannot come....
You are at a chateau, far far away where
Bedrooms are furnished with roses and tulips
Living room adorned with sweet candies and unicorns.
Then some orchids and cacti fill the empty spaces.
You are there, your abode, too far away,
The thick white walls immune to the whomping of the falls.

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