Monday, July 4, 2016

In Geetha

I perused the stanzas of "Geetha" one after the other,
Fervently seeking the mastery of "I".
Searching the answers I seek,
Striving to crack His code
Being my own scout in espionage.

Neither need I attain Brahma nor undying gaiety.
All I whim is a good night sleep,
With my senses not at the land of risen sun
Following an eensy ray of sunlight to
To ebb my vitamin D deficiency.
No! I do not have rickets,
Just the cognitive infirmities that come with it.

Frantic, I read as many pages as I could.
Oh Krishna, I wondered, is it my naviety or the author's brevity
That's making these chapters arduous?

At last night, as my weary self catnapped 
Ears still alert for the buzzing of a note.
He came to me, He came to me!
"Oh Krishna, my Lord, what took you so long", I whined.

Wasn't my devotion ardent?
Weren't my payers loud, my rituals right
Or is it that my flowers weren't bright?
Bless me the answers I seek, I cried.

"I beg thee my lord! Please tell me, please tell me"
"Let me sleep tonight, as calm as my Child next to me".

"Is my agony the reward I bidded"? 
"My lord, kanaiya, I plead thee, Save me!

"Do not cry my Child", He said...
"You are the answers your seek"

Mystified, I opened my eyes, tearful as ever.
Oh lord, you left me awake, 
how many more restive nightfalls shall I endure,
To discern these answers you left unanswered!

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