Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quick update

Hi all.Im very busy these days for a change.We are dancing in the temple on june 7th.So its almost practice whole day.Friends come over in the morning and practice whole day.Then setting up the CD n stuff.We are doing an Indian cinematic dance.Its actually a medley.Its going good.Sissy, I had a great time at the weddding.We and this other guy were the only Indians there.The other guy was there just for half an hour.So in effect we were the only Indians there.Sissy, Thanks for the help in choosing my dress.Its was lovely and thanks for reminding me about the accessories.I bought a nice good high heels for myself.I was just disappointed that we couldn't wait to see the dance.To tell u the truth, i wasn't very comfortable to wait till that time.After the food, we waited for almost an hour and still there didn't seem to be any plan to dance any It was just the people very close to them who were left by that time, all others had kinda left.So I almost was starting to feel out of place and we decided to leave.The bride looked gorgeous.I loved her dress.I'l post in detail later.Take care all.have fun.


Ananya said...

Glad u had fun at the wedding! do tell us how it went! what dress did u wear?!!! btw just check this post

sissy said...

I'm so glad your outfit was perfect. I'm sure you were stunning. It's funny because at my wedding it took people a little while to get into the groove and dance. But when we all did, it was a blast.