Friday, May 9, 2008

1. The chicken curry i made last night had an extra secret ingredient; it was coconut milk!
2. I can see kids playing through my window.
3. Right now, I need some break fast.
4. Nowhere is where I went Thursday night; it was good to be at home.
5.Why does lying on the floor trying to lift my left leg high with my right leg still on the floor with my fingers resting on my head and the head lifted 45 degree to the right hurt so much?
6. All I can think of is Dude, Where's my car?Im watching that movie now.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a dinner at a frind's place and trip to Chicago, tomorrow my plans include shopping and Sunday, I want to be with my parents!


Janet said...

Enjoy Chicago!

Thanks for playing and enjoy your weekend :-)

Sandy M said...

Have a great weekend!

sissy said...

Hope you're having a blast. Wish I had some of your chicken curry!!

No Nonsense Girl said...

Stopping by to say hello chikku! :)

jAMiE said...

I hope you had a great weekend and you got to be with your parents!