Monday, June 27, 2016


I sit under this tree, the name of which I do not know,
The shadows so soothing and healing.
Birds chirruping all around,
tiny worms nourishing on fallen fruits. 
The fruits resemble mulberry, 
Like the ones I saw on my uncle's
Neighbor's terrace when I was young, 
So young that I hadn't 
Started bleeding.
So young that butterflies were just insects
And Chikkus were just fruits... 
How I wish I was there!
On that terrace, my tongue purple
From nibbling the mulberries
Will the bridge I see ahead of me,
Take me there, where I want to be.
Where I can twirl and twirl in my 
Red long skirt, never to lose a step, 
The merry land with sweet ripe berries.

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