Sunday, April 10, 2016

Collectivo, coffee and grading

There are friends and then there are friends who genuinely want to see you keep well.
Synopsis- Got the apartment ready in Westmont today. A new place for my girl. She will probably be happy there. Rough day today, back and forth drive from Chicago and the bickering.

Grades, grading and grad school
Luke was sweet and took me to Collectivo when I got back to Milwaukee. First time there, well really haven't explored any of Milwaukee. That wasn't a priority at all. Tried the masala chai from Collectivo, meh... Didn't love it or hate it. Got a lot of grading done, grad school life eh! Later Luke's boyfriend invited me to his home with Luke. We went grocery shopping at Megamart and I cooked chicken stew and pulao for them. They pretended to love it, I do think it was too spicy for them though. My spice level of 0 is their 7-8, lol. 

It was a much needed distraction for me. They are a gay couple and I have come to accept and learn a lot more about gender identity and sexuality in the last few years. It isn't perversion or a bad choice, people are who they are and we need to learn to accept even what we don't know. We come seem to apply that theory only to superstitions, which is unfortunate. 
Luke too fussy to eat carrot and peas, going for some bread! We made him eat rice though!
By the way, being an Indian mum, there are lots of perks of having a gay couple as your friends. The biggest one being that you
can go to their house at night, cook and have dinner with them and post it in your blog without worrying about people raising eyebrows at you. Well, some might still raise eye brows, but I really do not have time for that now. Thanks Luke and Alex for being so awesome and kind. 

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