Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Yellow corridor

The corridor was long and yellow,
With red doors on either sides,
Each one opened to a unique story

At 5'3", she stood short, shrunk 
Gazing at him walking away.
His maroon shirt and black backpack,
Blanketed his heavy, ponderous heart.
The one she knew had room for her. 

It is only a few hours and
He would be back
She could write, read and learn
Or she could take care of a child
She had resources to pass the time,
It is only a few hours after all.
Yet, she knew....
One day he would walk that corridor 
The same yellow long one with red doors
And she would stand there, short and shrunk
Not knowing if he would be back.

What would she do?
When uncertainty persists,
She might diminish to infinity,
She might recoil to detonate
Or she might prosper and thrive,
To become the queen of the castle.

Right now, it is only a few hours
And he will be back,
Clad in his maroon shirt and bearing a light backpack. 

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