Wednesday, March 4, 2009

South West Matchmaker

My last post was about my trip to Las Vegas.This is also something that i came across dut=ring the i had mentioned before we travelled in south west airlines.As much as i liked their service, i hated the fact that they do not have a proper seating system.I mean they give u some seat numbers and finally when u board the flight in the hopes of runnning to your seat and taking that window seat before your husband, all you see is, its an open seating.anybody can sit anywhere they wish.Its great for the people who board first, but the people who board last would have a tough time finding a seat together if travelling together.We didn't have much of a problem on the way to Vegas.But the return flight was a tragedy.We all hurried and took the front of the line in the hopes of boarding the flight fisrt.Not exactly first cuz they divide everyone into groups.There were 3 groups and we were in the 3rd group.But we stood the first when they called out for the 3rd group and were very glad we did.Since Dip was in 1st group[though we all took the boarding pass together] he went in before us and had a seat reserved for Jin,But Jin, Sj n me were together in the line.All of a sudden there is this black guy,oops sorry,African American guy who comes in says he has to be in front of the line as his boarding pass says number 1.I dont mean to be a racist, But i hated that guy.He behaved just like an Indian.I believed only Desis [sure that includes me] make such stupid acts.He was soon joined by a white American man.May be not always does a white man agrees so much with an African american like now.I was so irritated.we all were.They started making so much fuss there that the airline lady soon came over and made us all stand in order of the number.There was no such thing followed for the first 2 groups.So now we are at the end of the line.By the time we got inside most of the seats were filled.Finally Sj and me couldn't sit together.We got a middle seat and i was directly behind him.Thank god, we were atleast close.There was this heavy man next to me who was travelling with his mum who was on my other side[I was in the middle of them].Yeah, i sepeprated the mum from his son.I felt sympatehtic for him initially cuz he cudn even sit in the middle seat cuz of his extra pounds, but only till he started snoring to glory right next to me.I could see this mum looking at his at times with that "what are you doing my loud,naughty boy" kinda look.whatever, i had to suffer.Then, I happened to read the airlinr magazine in the seat pocket.It had an article about the SW open seating policy. The title was something similar to "SW matchmaker" though not exactly that.It said that since they had an open seating, strangers get to meet and fall in love.I just cudn looking to my left and thinking "REALLY"???? There was so much written about all these successful love stories of people who met in SW flights.Come on, u seperated me from my husband.Is that so romantic???Whatever!!!
But then, i saw Sj asking the guy next to hom if he take take my seat so that i can sit next to him.Now, something i have't mentioned yet is that through out the journey Sj n me were having a silly yet kinda big fight.It wasn't permanent.It just got coming n going.At one point we both even thought i should go back to India n stay there for a while [we both try to scare each other with that though it never works... C'mon, we love each other more than that].. Now that i still have bits and pieces of the fight left n my mind i was upset.But when i saw him talking to the other guy about giving me the seat, i felt that it was really sweet of him.It din't work cuz the other guy was 6'4" and cudn take a middle seat.Sj usually doesn't ask for favours to strangers.Still he did this time.This made my heart melt.When he cannot sit away from me for 4 hours, how was he gona live without me if i go back to India...See, Lier, he doesn wan me to go... it was a good feeling to know that.May be god wanted us to realize how much we loved eachother and how we cannot live without eachother.So he didn't let us sit together.So is open seating really romantic??? may be... Then i looked to my left agian..May be not...

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sissy said...

what a great post! I've missed you. I'm going to try and get back into this again. Maybe not daily, but more often.