Thursday, August 7, 2008

Living in Chicago!

hi.i am all settled at the new place..I like it here.I like the patio and the homely felling..We bought all the new furniture for the home.I want to buy a dining table too.But we would wait for some time since it would make us broke if we get it right now.But i like this stay.I have a bigger kitchen where cooking is a much better experience than my old one.Moreover the kitchen and the living room are almost together which lets me watch tv while cooking which i enjoy.Sj can come home lunch.His office is very close.I have a tree right outside my patio and like the feeling of the shadow it gives my patio and livingf room.I got an indian cable connection too today. I have all major markets, shopping centers,restaurants,banks.At&t center etc...etc... very close by to my aprtmnet and this makes shopping really easy. Now these are all the wonderful things about my new living place.Coming to the slightly darker side of things...
The maintanance here sucks.The A/C wouldn't run below 72.But they wouldn't replace it till it stops working.Atleast thats what thye say.Disgusting.Its so hot and we have to leave it continously running for 2 days before it touches 70F.I even have the bathroom door lock broken which they repaired twice last week and is again damaged.I just had an argument with the lady at the resident services.There is this one lady over there who really doesn't know how to talk.I dont know who appointed her for the resident service.She argues with me saying that fixing a bathroom lock is not an emergency and i was infuriated.I have guests coming over tomorrow.Its Sj's birthday tomorrow.I gifted him a certificate for massage for an hour at a nearby place tomorrow.

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