Friday, May 27, 2016

Rope walk

The cliffs stood high, steep and deep
The rope was thin, secure and long
I slogged, step by step, hands stretched, vertebrae straight.
I fought the wind, curbed my fear.
The harrowing depth stood tall beneath me,
Eager to gulp me in, coveting to defeat me.
Adamant, I trudged and tromped.
Insistent, to vanquish the cliff.
The wind savaged me with a gracious clout
The rope budged in an evil sway.
Groped by fear, my heart wept and feet slipped
I lulled in for confederates to come by,
harness me, and usher me to safety
One by one, they passed by,
Unmoved and non-chalant.
They didn't turn to me, they didn't reach   for me
It dawned on me then; confederates are houseguests. 
I recalled; they vacate after the feast. 
I smiled, and I flew, deep into the cliffs,
in search of a new visitant.

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