Sunday, September 14, 2008

When sleep gets lazy...

just back from a trip.Was a good trip though i wouldn't say, the best.But it was great meeting my friends whom i miss a lot these days at this new place.There r a lot of things happening in my life and others life which make me mystified.Infact i must say, almost everything makes me think twice for right and wrong,sense and non sense.Mostly i THINK, things are the way they are and then there are things i BELIEVE are the way they are cuz thats how i want them to be.
Itz 11.53 at night and I am sleepless.I know its not the mild steroids for my stuffed nasal cavity thats keeping me awake.
Keypads can be great friends when the close ones cant be closer enough.Hoping to have a good night sleep without the non scary but disturbing dreams i get.

PS: The laptop screen looks the best in the darkness when the only light i see comes from it.

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