Saturday, July 19, 2008

Party days

Hi all.We are moving to chicago the coming saturday.As much as im looking forward to it, i really feel disappointed i will have to leave all my friends here.Infact i ahve made more friends in the last month than i have made in past 8 months...Today we had a send off party from all our friends.It was a lot of fun except for the argument i had with Sj when we reutrned.It kind of got hot making Sj is angry and going to bed without me.He even fired a few harsh words on me.It was hurting.But somehow i didn't feel like beginning a big argument,neither did i feel like crying. But it sure felt disheartening.I dont know what i feel.I may end up going back to him myself and trying to settle the fight as i do always.But i really do not want to do it this time.Im watching tv now,There is Nancy Grace coming up.But Nancy is doing the programme today.Somebody else whose name im not sur eof is doing it for her today.Its about a missing 2 year old today.Now coming to children,its neha's birthday on Monday.Im so excited.Im doing a lot of arrangements.Its a theme based birthday.Neha loves Winnie the Pooh...So we are arrranging a winnie the pooh birthday for her.I will write more details of it later.Hope u all have a great weekend.We have another bIrthday party to attend tomorrow, then Neha's birthday party on monday and then again we have a party on next saturday.So its a complete party time though right at this moment im not in a amood for any of this.Hopefully, i wiil feel better by tomorrow.Have a great weekend all.

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jAMiE said...

Sorry for the difficulties with you and SJ...i hope its much better by now.

Enjoy all the parties, especially the Winnie the Pooh party!